oHRis Activités, logiciel de suivi des activités

Un espace de déclaration et de suivi des activités fluide et attractif !

oHRis Gestion des temps, logiciel de gestion des temps de présence

Automatisez et fiabilisez votre gestion des temps avec oHRis !

oHRis Congés, logiciel de gestion des congés

Offrez à vos Collaborateurs & Managers un outil puissant et intuitif d'organisation des absences et automatisez les échanges avec votre logiciel de paye !


“Full Web” software publisher, specialized in paid leave management, time management and activity reporting.

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Time and paid leave management in enterprise is a real and full problem which have a huge impact on the organization, smooth running and balance of a whole company, of any size. OS CONCEPT, publisher, distributor and integrator of software specialized in the management of working time, has observed and analysed the various processes used by Human Resources departments to develop the most suitable solutions to their needs. This close relationship, this support and this ability to listen enable us to offer the most obvious and user-friendly paid leave management and time management solutions, in full transparency, and to make it evolve in order to even more facilitate its use and management. Our target : make you win a precious time while enabling you to convey a modern and dynamic image to your teams.


For every company, of any size, paid leaves, absences and « RTT » management is a crucial point in the organization of schedules. Os Congés enables you to avoid the problems associated to a poor management of absences. Thanks to an easy-to-use interface, identical for all the users, Os Congés provides you with comfort, ease-of-use and serenity by centralizing all the internal requests.

To measure the working time of all the employees is, more than a legal obligation, a key part in the management of a company. Os Control, far from being a supervision tool, allows to justify the working time of each employee, executive or not

The follow-up of the employees’ working time in a company also entails having a detailed knowledge of each employee’s activities. Os Report enables you, via an easy-to-use and intuitive web interface, to know exactly the time spent by everyone on each project.


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