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Put an end to the baffling expense reports management !

The current economic climate compels us to travel more and more to win new markets and new clients and business trips have now a predominent place, even in VSEs and SMEs. To have a mobile workforce reflects energy and dynamism but it can also quickly lead to an accumulation of expense reports and uncontrolled spending.

Via a fluent and user-friendly interface, the module oHRis Expense Reports gives you the opportunity to automate and ease the process, to harmonize and share the rules for travel expenses within your company thanks to a highly configurable and adaptable system ; you lessen expenses and waste of time !

  • He enters his expenses progressively and applies for reimbursement from his computer, tablet or smartphone. Requests and repayments validation become quick and simple
  • He can scan, take pictures or transmit a hard copy of supporting documents according to the implemented settings
  • He is informed of the ceilings and of the repayment rules and so is accompanied throughout his request. As the control is instantly done, errors become extremly rare, avoiding returns to the employee and too long processing times
  • He can monitor the validation process of his expense claims in real time
  • He is informed by e-mail in case of validation, refusal or request for further information concerning his expense claims.
  • He can use all the employee profile’s functionalities for himself,
  • He is informed in real time of his staff’s new repayment claims that he can process from his computer or smartphone. This way, he can validate the adequacy of the expense before the account processing
  • He monitors the expense reports and manage budgets per employee, per staff, per project, or per client
  • He has access to a complete reporting in various formats (Excel and PDF).
  • He configures once and for all the management rules, the nature of expenses, accounting accounts, currencies, VAT management, ceilings, alerts and notifications
  • He controls, validates and eventually rejects non-conforming expense reports or receipts
  • He exports accounting entries to the accounting software or sents them to the accounting firm in 1 click
  • He exports information about the repayments made to the payroll software and sends transfer orders in SEPA format
  • As reliability is increased and data automatically exported, data re-entry is no more needed and he can free up time for other tasks
  • The expense reports management process is simplified thanks to the disappearance of « paper » expense reports He is alerted in case of abuses, incoherence, non-compliance of the implemented repayment rules ; the expenditure control becomes stricter but easier !
  • Multi-company, multi-currency, oHRis Expense Reports enables to manage several companies under different rules.
  • Paramétrage des différents taux de TVA, des comptes de charges et de toutes les natures de dépenses utiles
  • Automatisation des contrôles liés à la politique de remboursement de l'entreprise.
  • Historisation élevée des actions utilisateurs permettant une auditabilité complète du processus de gestion des notes de frais
  • Avec une forte tolérance de charge, oHRis gère des sociétés de plusieurs dizaines de milliers d’utilisateurs avec des temps de réponses ‹ 1s
  • Nos logiciels subissent régulièrement des audits de sécurité réalisés par des sociétés spécialisées en sécurité informatique
  • oHRis Notes de frais vous permet dématérialiser totalement vos justificatifs en conformité avec l’article A 102 B-2 du Livre des procédures fiscales
  • oHRis Notes de frais se connecte avec les principaux logiciels de comptabilité permettant de déverser automatiquement les écritures comptables, sans ressaisie
  • Archivage des justificatifs scellé par un tiers de confiance durant toute la durée légale de conservation

oHRis Expense Reports during your business trips :

Whether you are user or manager, oHRis Expense Reports follows you during your business trips :

  • No need to configure or download any application from an « App store » ; you avoid a rush of requests for assistance to your computer service
  • 100% of the PC/Mac functions are available from your mobile phone while you are in business trip, there is no need to compromise about the functionalities
  • You can enter your expenses in real time and capture your receipts thanks to the camera of your smartphone in just one click
  • Validate and monitor the repayment of your expense reports anywhere at any time !

Experience the benefits of a SaaS solution !

Secured via HTTPS and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

A non-stop technical and functional support from 9 am to 5 pm

Free updating of the new functionalities

Daily backups included

SLA engagement at 99.99%

Infrastructure sécurisée, monitorée en temps réel et auditée chaque année

Aucune durée d’engagement imposée

Pas de prépaiement, facturation à termes échus

Data hosted in France