Optimize and increase the reliability of your paid leave management with OS CONGES !

OS CONGES is a Paid leave Management WEB software aimed at SMEs/SMIs of more than 20 employees until international key accounts who have to manage several tens of thousands employees.

From 20 users to 128 000 for our most significant client at the moment, OS CONGES is the reference in term of paid leave management both in the private and in the public sector.


With more than 10 years of experience in paid leave management in significant organizations like the Eiffage group, SNCF, or again CNRS, our application OS CONGES is able to manage the most complex scenarios while remaning intuitive and user-friendly for all your users.


Part-time, Time Savings Account, seniority, fixed number of working days, extra hours, « RTT », compensatory rests… Nothing resists to OS CONGES.

Provide your employees with

  • A full Web interface

    Easy, clear, unique and user-friendly. Target : no training neither for employees nor for managers, regardless of their ease and sensitivity towards computer tools.

  • Real time

    To access their paid leave acquisitions and balance.

  • A feature-packed solution

    Collective and individual schedules which do not simply display "who is absent", but which allows each manager, individually, to organize the continuity, per service and per project, to filter the screens, to validate or refuse requests for paid leave, and many further functions...

  • A multi-platform application

    A real application for smartphones and touchpads, which doesn't need any prior installation and is accessible in the same way as for computers.

  • Apply for, modify or cancel an absence request in just 3 clicks.
  • Track in real time the processing of your request.
  • Be alerted by E-mail at each step of your absence requests.
  • Up to 2 levels of validation with management of substitutes in case of lack of one of the “links”,
  • Different ways to validate absence requests : from the e-mails, individually or massively, from collective schedules or on your smartphone...
  • For managers, access to decision support indicators.
  • Manage the acquisition of paid leave, "RTT", seniority, fractioning directly in OS CONGES or synchronize it from your payroll software.
  • Automate controls at paid leave applications (whole day leave, absences priorization, etc...)
  • Multi-company, OS Congés allows to manage several companies or collective agreements in a same application.
  • Allows a thorough management of work cycles history with automated recalculation of employees' account.
  • Allows an illimited management of holiday calendars with possible changings during the year for abroad mobile employees.
  • Precise logs of users' actions (and of external flows) which allows a complete auditability of the Time Savings Account & Leave process.
  • With a high load tolerance, OS CONGES offers a response time lower than 1 second in companies of several thousand users.
  • Our software regularly undergoes security audits carried out by IT security companies.
  • Many authentification mechanisms are, as standard, included in OS CONGES.
  • OS CONGES communicates - as standard - with the main payroll software, which allows easily the synchronization of the employees, the paid and sick leave, the acquisitions.
  • OS CONGES updates in real time your electronic mail system's calendar (Outlook, Zimbra, Gmail, Lotus, ...)

Your paid leave management in the hand !

OS Conges Mobile is an extension of OS CONGES, our paid leaves management software : thanks to its interface specially developped and optimized to be used from a smartphone, the management and follow-up of requests for paid leaves become easier and faster.

  • The access address to your paid leaves management space remains the same
  • OS Congés Mobile can be used as easily with a SmartPhone as with a tablet. Wherever you are, you can receive your notifications by e-mail,
  • You can access your staff’s schedules, the leave balances, you can apply or handle with a request without being at your office,
  • There is no deployment, no software to download, OS Congés Mobile is a paid leaves management accessible from the Web browser of your Smartphone,
  • This module is compatible with Blackberry, Safari / Iphone, Windows Mobile, Opéra Mobile, Chrome Androïd browsers.

Why choose OS Concept?

Why choose OS CONGES over all the paid leave management solutions ?