OS Concept is a French « full web » software publisher specialized in the automation and dematerialization of Human Resources and organizational processes.

OS Concept’s offering is aimed at companies of all sizes, from SMEs to large private or public groups either in France or abroad.

OS Concept edits, markets, integrates and maintains OS Congés, OS Control and OS Report, complete suite of software solutions for absences, time and activities management.

These 3 stand-alone but interoperable pieces of software, offer :

  • A functional and organizational expertise thanks to a proven experience particularly with large corporate clients like EIFFAGE, the SNCF (the French railway company), the CNRS or Royal Canin,
  • The mastery of the whole activity: research, development, integration, training and support.

Specific assets at your service :

  • The strong experience and the high level of skills of the interlocutors at your disposal in order to master the exact subtleties of your problematic,
  • An innovative and evolving approach of absences, time and activities management in enterprise, applied to your own particular use,
  • The choice of technologies orientated « open-source » which ensures the sustainability of your application.

You will prefer OS Congés, OS Control and OS Report because you aspire to :

  • Find real innovative solutions in term of information dematerialization,
  • Get clear, pragmatic and intelligent answers in due time,
  • Put simplicity at the service of the users thanks to intuitive and ergonomic applications,
  • Ensure you a serene absences, time and activities management and an undeniable gain in productivity.

OS Concept en chiffres

The company, created in 2005, is currently a Limited Liability Company (LLC) with a capital of 150 000,00 Euros.


14 persons spread in different departments ; development, audit and project management, support and integration, sales, administrative and legal departments,


An annual and constant growth of 30% that will be confirmed once more for 2015,


200 clients spread in 40 countries,


350 000 users of an OS Concept application.

Why choose OS Concept ?

Over all management solutions, why choose OS Concept ?