OS Report, our activity monitoring software, the best way for your staff to report their activities !

To follow the employees’ working time, managers have to know precisely everyone’s daily activities.

Thanks to a simple and intuitive web interface, Os Report allows you to know in detail the time spent on each one of your projects. OS Report is not just an activity monitoring module but a real project monitoring software, totally cutomizable, which can work on its own or coupled with OS Congés. Very flexible, OS Report proposes different “user” profiles in order to adapt exactly to your organization.

More than 10 000 followers in 2 years !

In line with our range of software, proven for more than 10 years in SMEs and major accounts, OS Report is a full web application aimed at managing the employees’ activities, regardless the size of the company.

Control your costs :

Whether you are director, financial manager, management controller or project manager, OS Report offers you a clear overview on your project progress, in terms of time and budget.

OS Report to manage your activities

  • An intuitive way

    Your staff can report their activities in just a few clicks thanks to a friendly and easy-to-handle interface

  • 2 ways of validation

    Validation by a project manager or validation by a supervisor ; thanks to these 2 ways of validation, all the scenarios are possible !

  • In real time

    Project managers know in real time the number of worked hours spent by each employee on each project, and so are able to evaluate their performances very quickly and visually.

  • Multi-format export

    Exports to Excel or PDF format will allow you to produce synthesis reports per project and per person.

  • Can be connected to OS Congés or to your own paid leave management software !

    Thanks to the connection between OS Report and our paid leave management software OS Congés, you won't have to re-enter your absence data which are automatically injected from OS CONGES to OS REPORT !

  • Report their activities from a user-friendly and ergonomic calendar which allows to have direct access to time sheets and to identify easily the periods to register,
  • Have access to a weekly or monthly view of a timesheet and then can adapt the screen-display according to the needs,
  • "Gradually", "weekly" or "monthly" ; 3 ways to send activities for validation,
  • Can record activity "massively" or duplicate a standard week,
  • Can add an overall comment on a timesheet or particular ones on each activity's recording,
  • Receive an e-mail in real time in case of refusal or validation of a timesheet,
  • Access to their activities summary tables per project, can print their time sheets, and follow the complete history of their activities processing by managers.
  • Validate activities directly from a friendly central screen, which offers different ways of visual display and facilitates the declarations processing,
  • Can validate or refuse "in mass" the activities declarations,
  • Have access to summary tables of their staff activities,
  • Access in read and write to their declarants' individual calendars and timesheets,
  • Access to reportings and validations summary tables,
  • Can follow budgets, days spent on projects and the difference compared to forecasts,
  • Export their staff's activities to Excel and PDF format.
  • Customize graphically the user's interface,
  • Can largely customize the configuration : the reporting mode, the entry periods, the management of the comments, the authorisation to declare on weekends or public holiday, management and personalization of the e-mails, etc...
  • Manage the projects financial institutions,
  • Manage the users' work cycles to restore very precisely the activities in hours,
  • Can manage the activity monitoring validation scheme (validation by project manager, by direct manager et their delegates),
  • Obtain a very developed report (PDF printing, export to Excel),
  • Are allowed to import users and projects data from a third application,
  • Access in read and write to declarants' individual schedules and timesheets,
  • Access to reportings and validations summary tables,
  • Can follow budgets, days spent on projects and the difference compared to forecasts.

Your activity monitoring software in the hand !

OS Report Mobile is an extension of OS REPORT, our activity monitoring software : thanks to its interface specially developped and optimized to be used from a smartphone, activity reporting and monitoring become easier and faster.

  • The access address to your activity monitoring space remains the same
  • OS Report Mobile can be used as easily with a SmartPhone as with a tablet,
  • Wherever you are, you can receive your notifications by e-mail,
  • You can access your staff’s schedules, the leave balances, you can apply or handle with a request without being at your office,
  • There is no deployment, no software to download, OS Report Mobile is the activity monitoring accessible from the Web browser of your Smartphone,
  • Included with OS Report, OS Report Mobile is not only a « responsive » adaptation, but a real application, dedicated and optimized for mobile phones & tablets.

Why choose OS Concept?

Over all the activity monitoring software, why choose OS Concept?